Our Sister Companies

SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. is the Holding Company that lays down best practices with a unique though diversified business model on the companies that form part of the Group. To provide all together, or separately, every useful solution to Corporate Communication.

For over 20 years now, we have stood as a benchmark in the Events Industry, Events Production and M.I.C.E.; we place painstaking care in each project entrusted to us: by identifying the key goals of each event, we are able to develop the most suitable creative, find the most functional and representative location, and organize the most comfortable and empathetic scenic-technical and hospitality facility. With a constant strong focus on the overall Sustainability of our operations: for our clients, an event will never be a cost, rather an investment in their positive Sustainability Report.

We specialize in:
Live Communication Events, Phygital & Digital, Incentive Travel, Meetings, Congresses, Conventions, Road Shows, Celebrations, Live Event Shows.

Live & Digital Communication

We are a digital agency of consultants boasting horizontal skills that customizes, integrates and designs media, communication, content and live streaming event projects. All this hinges on a great deal of strategy, methodology and a data driven or data valuable approach. We provide each project with a team of professionals with diverse and complementary skills boasting years of experience: digital and social advertising, digital events, data valorization and visualization, digital transformation, and web design (UX and UI).

We specialize in:
First-party data collection and enhancement
Acquisition and partnership tech, Media, Martech, AdTech companies.
Owners of DYHM/digital events platform
App development, dashboards / data analysis & visualization
Media planning & buying, audience discovery
Digital media, web marketing, KPI’s definition.

Digital, Data & Content

We are the video factory of movie&video professionals. We love our work and consider filmed language to be the most effective tool to spark emotions and inform, connect and tell, amaze, innovate, and best position a brand, service, or product, and because we know cause and effect of images and how powerful they are, we take painstaking care of each of our productions with an obsession for detail. We search for and stage well-defined poetics, different depending on the goals to achieve. We use machines to create our videos and films, but it is our Human Touch that makes the difference because we cherish our clients’ wishes.

We specialize in:
Corporate and digital commercial ADV production, video and audio post production, motion graphics, sound design, voiceovers, planning and creation of formats and video content.

Video & movie production

Nexthing Italia is the newly-established company born from the partnership between Double and Nexthing Ltd: a video and commercial ADVs, TV Series and docufilm production house, providing communication strategies and creatives, as well as the most effective location of international videos and commercials. Nexthing Ltd is headquartered in London but has operating subsidiaries worldwide, producing Commercial ADVs for major multinational corporations and their various countries.

We specialize in:
communication strategies for commercial ADVs (corporate and product), TV Series (concept and production), Planning and production of docufilms, formats and video content, Music Videos, Video and audio post production, Motion graphics, Special Speaking (Voices and Talents).

Production, Communication, Next Thing

In a world where no one is willing to listen anymore and companies always have just too much to say, we are the ones you turn to when you stop calling them “prospects” and remember that your prospects are actually “people”.

Then again, you can’t rule the heart. You reach it.

We specialize in:
Brand strategy, brand entertainment, branded content, social media, ATL (films, print, billboards, radio and TV), unconventional marketing, podcasts.

Integrated communication strategies

Louder is a communication agency specialized in the organization of events that creates, plans and executes engaging creative ideas for leading brands in the Italian and international market.

We specialize in:
B2C Events, Brand activation, Road shows, Marketing. 

Events Strategy Communication

A Shopper Marketing agency, a leader in the Moment of Truth.

We understand the needs of brands and shoppers in retail. We connect consumers with products – through innovative solutions – influencing the purchasing process.

We specialize in:
Shopper Marketing, Brand activation, Engagement, Promotions, Loyalty, Field, BTL.

Kampaay is the solution for all your events: a platform that allows you to plan, manage, and control events, organizers, budgets, and logistics autonomously.

From business breakfasts to corporate engagement, from client events to team building, and much more, all just a click away from you.


The solution for your corporate events

Pinguando allows users to have a fully assisted digital insurance experience, with the support of insurance agents.
This is a counter-trend process compared to what has been communicated so far by the world of insurance comparison websites: Pinguando has humanized a market dominated by software, giving consumers the opportunity to complete the policy selection process through interaction with a real consultant.

Pinguando is a product of Socialbroker.