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Goals and results

After a two-year interruption due to COVID-19, Sinergie once again tables the winning bid for the BASF tender and is back to produce the new annual event that brings together the world’s leading chemical company and its clients and stakeholders.

Agencies involved

SINERGIE: Event format definition, location scouting, catering, event management and organization, video.

What we did

#NOI2050 Nuove Opportunità Insieme: this is the name of the event held at Superstudio, which gathered 200 guests for the occasion, hosted by Neri Marcorè, who has always shown great empathy for the values fostered by the Company.

A great deal of effort went into the setup of the project, to define and propose an innovative format for this type of event capable of fitting the key moments marked out by the client into a dynamic, but well-structured and never predictable path.


Last but not least, the event was an opportunity to introduce – in person at last – BASF’s new Top Management after the major developments that took place during the Pandemic.

For this reason, Giovanna di Tommaso and Lorenzo Bottinelli, Sales Director and CEO of BASF Italy, respectively, took the floor, among others, to deliver their own remarks.

And the best feedback to attest to the success of the event came directly from the very voices of the participants, both those from the Company and the client companies attending.


For the occasion, BASF shared one of its main goals: to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050, asserting its commitment to promoting the environmental transition through an informed review of and effective innovation in production, distribution and consumption models.

This focus on the future and on well-being, not only of People but also of the Planet, and the commitment to ESG topics were just some of the reasons that led BASF to select Sinergie as a partner and entrust it with the concept and planning of the event (despite the lifting of COVID restrictions, every step was taken to ensure distancing and to follow COVID-free procedures), the creative and communication project, authoring and coaching of speakers, location scouting, set design, video production and, last but not least, catering selection.