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BMW Podcast

Goals and results

The initial brief envisioned a physical event, but the pandemic forced the brief to be reworded and revised to maintain constant contact with the target audience, while taking advantage of a different than usual medium.

Agencies involved

Sinergie: creative concept definition, event management and implementation.

Double: podcast production.

What we did

We created a storytelling to lead the consumer inside the BMW world. For the occasion, Enrico Brizzi hosted 12 podcasts – 6 for the summer season and 6 for the winter season – where guests pitched their “High Altitude Thrills,” experiences, thoughts and adventures related to the world of sustainability.

Additionally, a contest was launched to award the consumers that were drawn with incredible travel experiences.

Podcast guests:

Winter season
Maurizio Chieli, Tamara Lunger, Simone Faggioli, Eleonora Farina, Alberto Bregani, Simone Moro.

Summer season
Simon Messner, Frankie Hi Nrg, Petra Cola, Federica Mingolla, Il Vik, Dino Lazzaretti.