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Roadshow 2022

Goals and results

Following the awarding of the tender, Sinergie continues its path alongside Daikin to develop activities that bring the two brands together under the same values and visions.

For the occasion, Sinergie produced the roadshow to preview Daikin’s products and initiatives for 2022.

Agencies involved

SINERGIE: Concept production, event and tour management and organization.

DOUBLE: Video production.

What we did

The Daikin Roadshow is a 12-stage tour across Italy, where Daikin introduced participants to all the latest features in terms of innovation and sustainability of its products.

Each stage features a path divided into six theme islands where topics such as sustainability, future of heating, new Digital Marketing strategies, opening of new factories in Europe, platforms for accessing Leader 110 tax bonuses, as well as obviously the new Emura 3 and Multi+ products will be explored during the various limited-attendance speeches.

Sinergie was responsible for the full management of all the stages of the tour: logistics, interior layout of the stands, communication, video production, meeting organization, catering and entertainment.