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Goals and results

To organize the annual Daikin convention dedicated to their work team, seeking to convey unity and involvement, despite the impossibility of all being physically in attendance.

Agencies involved

Sinergie: strategy definition, event management and organization.

Double: video production.

What we did

A spectacular digital event held at the Kizuna Space of the Daikin Campus in Milan hosted by Gabriele Corsi, the dashing radio and TV host who entertained the guests from the beginning to the end of the event amid the pitches delivered by the key figures of the Company.

In addition to the special guest, Fiona May, Takayuki Kamekawa – Chairman and CEO of Daikin Italia – Antonio Buongiorno and Marco Radice took turns on stage.

Sport and the strength of the team were the main ingredients of the event, supported not only by the Female Champion, but also by video productions and emotional images.

At the end of it all, a digital toast to remind how much the Daikin team continues to hit the pitch and push their performance to the max, continuing to put themselves on the line, day after day.