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ITAS Mutua 200

Goals and results

SINERGIE organized a major event for ITAS Mutua to close the celebrations of its 200th anniversary, in attendance, dedicated entirely to the employees, agents and their families. 1,200 participants, from grown-ups to children.

Agencies involved

SINERGIE: Sinergie fully managed the planning, organization, and making of the event, including all the aspects regarding logistics and support, in conjunction with the client.

What we did

For the occasion, Sinergie conceived and built the ITAS Village, an area covering roughly 13,500 sqm set up inside the Park within Trento’s Le Albere, a neighbourhood designed by famed architect Renzo Piano, hosting the ITAS Mutua HQ, and the place where the ITAS Forum, the Company’s conference centre, was recently inaugurated; during the event, it hosted a meeting between the agents and Management.

Partners of the event, many names that share with ITAS the values and a deeply-felt belonging to the local community: MUSE, Aquila Basket and Trentino Volleyball.

The setup of the Village took 5 days and saw the presence of about 40 resources including technicians and workers. The space included various facilities and points of interest dedicated to sport or educational (each partner had in fact its own area and related activities), circus-themed play areas for children, and, for toddlers, ITAS opened the doors of its corporate nursery. Additionally, the Campari corner garnered huge success; the Milanese brand has close ties with the Trentino artist Fortunato Depero, who curated successful advertising campaigns and designed the iconic Campari Soda bottle (a nice surprise for many guests!).

Centrepiece of the Village, a large 10X12 stage fitted with a central 12×5 giant screen and two 6×4 side screens. From the stage, Bryan “Box” Ronzani, voice of Radio 105, hosted the day’s activities, reminding people of the events, and handled the live links with the correspondent from the park. Institutional moments, as well as entertainment shared the stage, peaking with a concert by one of the most interesting and eclectic artists on the Italian music scene. On the catering front, 10 different food trucks were deployed, some offering local delicacies, while 4 drink bikes for water distribution were open the whole day.

A great deal of work mixing passion and commitment: the entire SINERGIE team dedicated to the event never skimped on energy and was fully involved heart and soul. August 2022 was spent exclusively for ITAS.