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Goals and results

In an everyday routine where even browsing through Facebook has become a source of stress and debate, our idea was to add a touch of Christmas spirit to social networks. When people came to realize the scale of the initiative, the negative comments on the page vanished. The activity was, however, much appreciated by the community, which indulged in friendly mock criticism that allowed us to raise € 2,000 for the cause.

Agencies involved

Mission to Heart: Strategy and Creatives.

What we did

For every aggressive comment received, we would donate € 1 to the Parole O_stili association, which tackles this issue. What’s more, we transformed every single comment by adding Paluani’s Christmas Spirit.
Specifically for the initiative, we used an engagement post published on the Facebook page, as well as a dark one for the conversion to a page on the Paluani website allowing users to also make private donations to Parole O_stili.