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Goals and results

Pinguando, an Italian startup that offers its clients innovative insurance advisory, entrusts SG Company group companies with the full launch campaign of its app available on major stores.

The main goals are Brand Awareness, download of the app, contacting and closing of offers.

Agencies involved

Brainwaves: communication strategy; media plan definition and management.

DOUBLE: creative concept, communication asset development, on-set supervision, 15″ and 30″ video spot production, sound design, 3D shaping.

What we did

A major cooperation project where the Group’s agencies sat at the same table:

BRAINWAVES defined the communication strategy and managed the media plan, with a campaign featured across social and TV on Mediaset channels.

DOUBLE was in charge of the creative concept and its online and offline development – guerrilla in Milan and social communication – managed the video production of the spot (and related cuts for the various media), the original soundtrack and the 3D shaping of the Penguin, star of the communication.