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Sisley Seminar 2022

Goals and results

Sisley reasserts its trust in Sinergie and entrusts it with the making of the first major post-pandemic event dedicated to employees and top managers.

A golden opportunity to bring everyone together again in one location and thus seal the beginning of a new journey.

Agencies involved

SINERGIE: concept production, event management and organization, transfers.

DOUBLE: event video report production.

What we did

The SISLEY SEMINAR 2022 was set in the wonderful backdrop of the Grand Hotel Rimini: the first post-pandemic event where 150 employees and the top managers – including the new CEO Riccardo Ferrari – were able to make their acquaintance, meet again, work and have a good time together.

Training sessions, sharing of business planning and product launches, mixed with conviviality and evenings full of entertainment marked the pace of the guests’ days.

Sinergie was responsible for the all-round management of the event: from planning and designing the activities and entertainment, to scouting the location, setting up the spaces, logistics and transportation, support and organizational office.