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Goals and results

At a time when Italians are resuming their mobility, especially by car in order to feel free and safe, Telepass wishes to relaunch its toll booth service by offering discounts.
But in a world where users are flooded with new offers and discounts through bombast or pure hard selling, our need was to turn distraction into attraction and offer into not only economic, but also environmental value.
We needed to sneer at the queues while giving a solemn and tangible message, bringing the audience to our side.

Agencies involved

Mission to Heart: Creatives and video production.

What we did

Two videos, coordinated and cut for each format for digital media, built on a language that is well positioned in the collective imagination – the documentaryspicing it up with the irony of a voice much loved by the audience: Roberto Pedicini, aka Kevin Spacey or if you like Jim Carrey.