Innovation & Sustainability

We are an innovative SME and a Benefit Company.
We stand alongside those who strive every day like us to seek and find innovative solutions to help reach a balance in the 3Ps – People, Planet, Prosperity – and pursue equitable and lasting progress for all, mindful of the uniqueness of the individual and the genuine sense of the “common good”.

Innovation Technology

Sg Company Società Benefit S.p.A. developed DYHM, the proprietary platform that provides diverse answers to the many requests for digital, phygital or live events, and meets all the criteria of data analysis, media planning & buying, audience discovery, web marketing and more, in line with our 2021-2023 Business Plan that attaches the utmost importance to technological innovation applied to the current needs of the creation of complex events/communication projects; therefore, closely related to the new potential of digital.

ISO 9001:2015

Sinergie S.r.l. obtained ISO 9001 quality certification from IGQ, an authoritative international body, proving its ability to transcend corporate boundaries, with a leadership capable of ensuring the sustainable future of its organization. This achievement bears witness to its commitment to providing service excellence among all the different corporate identities and operating divisions. ISO 9001 has therefore ascertained and certified that the processes and services provided by the company represent an effective – and consistently measurable – systemic model for quality management.

ISO 9001 Certification

Organizational Model 231

SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. has deemed it compliant with its corporate policies to adopt and implement an organizational, management and control model in line with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in order to ensure conditions of fairness and transparency in the conduct of business activities, in safeguarding the position and image it boasts on the market, as well as the expectations of its shareholders and the work of its employees.


ISO 37001:2016

Sinergie S.r.l. has implemented the ISO 37001 certification, an international standard for anti-corruption management systems. This System envisages anti-corruption management with a view to ongoing improvement, and is internationally recognized as “Best Practice” as proof of the effectiveness of the Organizational Model for the Prevention of Corruption Offences pursuant to Legislative Decree 231.

ISO 37001 Certification


Environment, Social, Governance

SG Company embarked on the ESG path in collaboration with V-Finance S.r.l., specialized in ESG Advisory to measure the sustainability of our investments and to ensure the sustainable management of the Group, which is increasingly focused on forging a lasting relationship with all stakeholders: starting from clients, to employees and associates, in accordance with the interests of shareholders.

Benefit Company

The effective application of Business-integrated Sustainability criteria – applied to corporate communication services – has led to a significant change in our management and direction: in 2021, in fact, we implemented the change of market segment (from Industries to Technology) in the Italian Stock Exchange and, in line with the ESG path undertaken, the Group became SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A..

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

Equality Inclusion & Diversity are concepts embedded in our strategic and creative processing and represent the wealth of values that we infuse in each and every project and individual we engage with both physically and as an audience of our activities.

Every day, we realize that culturally-diverse human capital is a carrier of wealth and open-minded vision, for ourselves and for all our stakeholders. We believe, in fact, that it is each and everyone’s happiness that generates wealth, and not the opposite.

One example is our commitment to OBECITY: a project aimed at raising awareness of the serious risks and problems generated by obesity and overweight, a disease that affects millions of citizens worldwide, especially school children.

Established in 2019, Obecity generates knowledge, disseminates information, offers free advisory, and is assisted by a Scientific Committee formed of top scientists and experts in Obesity.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics incorporates Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. In this regard, we are committed to:

Minimizing risks to the health and safety of workers in the performance of their activities, by continuously improving the quality of workplaces, efficiency and achievement of goals, with particular regard to the environment

Promoting the culture and responsibility of employees at all levels toward occupational health, safety and the environment including through training, information and involvement of all staff in identifying improvement actions.

Exercising ongoing oversight of environmental, health and safety performance, ensuring the utmost compatibility of company activities with the surrounding area and population.

Meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements to improve our health, safety and environmental results.