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Goals and results

Arval, part of the BNP Paribas Group and specialized in long-term rentals, chose to land in the market of rental for individuals in a more aggressive way at a highly critical moment of time – Phase 2 of the pandemic – when Italians were able to finally restart, while having to cope with the crisis, against a shaky work backdrop, the fear of returning to social life, and the need to find sustainable solutions to their mobility.
Arval, therefore, developed new offerings and asked us to plan the strategy and generate ideas and content to bring them to the public.

Agencies involved

Mission to Heart: Strategy, Creatives and Production.

What we did

When you think about your new car, choose a car that thinks about you.
This is the line that closes the video and opens Arval’s #TheJourneyGoesOn campaignThe video, conceived specifically for social media, is introduced by a sign that leads us inside the visual mechanism until it takes us to the bottom of the offering. The campaign then continued with a dedicated editorial plan complemented by vertical dark posts on the range of offers.