We are a professional services and consulting company for businesses that provides support and customized solutions for business development, following globally recognized best practices gained through hands-on experience, with the aim of enhancing the business in a transversal way.

Our aim is to establish a long-lasting and strengthening relationship with the client, and we do so through a practical approach focused on identifying the challenges and objectives of a business entity, resolving them collaboratively, and guiding the company towards growth.

We assist businesses in envisioning the future, but above all
in actualizing it.

Our offerings


√ Business Contract Management
Negotiation, drafting, and review of various types of contracts tailored to business needs (commercial contracts, extraordinary agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.), assistance in the preliminary setup of contractual relationships, and support in dealings with notarial offices.

√ Corporate Document Preparation and Maintenance
Subscription and drafting of corporate acts and minutes for Board of Directors meetings and Shareholder Assemblies, preparation and verification of proxies and powers of attorney.

√ Corporate Advisory
Support in the preparation of the necessary documentation for incorporation, drafting of bylaws, preparation of specific corporate documents, and assistance throughout the negotiation phases, up to the final contract stage, in the case of extraordinary operations (e.g., M&A, share transfers, etc.).

√ Dispute Resolution
Assistance and representation in cases of disputes related to commercial contracts or supply agreements for resolving labor law-related issues.


√ Economic and Financial Analysis and Planning
Evaluation of existing financial choices and potential corporate investments, assessment of asset valuation, implementation of tools for cash flow monitoring, support in implementing actions to improve financial stability, including interactions with financial institutions and other funders, assistance to management in defining medium to long-term corporate objectives and the development of concrete plans to achieve them.

√ Strategic and Executive Planning
Identification of available profit sources for the company, formulation and execution of strategies to maximize them, with the aim of achieving superior performance.

√ Treasury Management
Development and definition of the payment system, evaluation and establishment of centralized management through Cash Pooling.

√ Management Control
Profitability analysis and development of a flexible budgeting system as a forecasting and planning tool, preparation of directional reporting, definition and measurement of specific KPIs to monitor the achievement of corporate objectives and the efficient allocation of financial resources and production factors, development and drafting of industrial plans.

√ Financial Statements Preparation
Preparation of financial statements and compliance with related obligations (with the Business Register, the Revenue Agency, and other authorities), preparation of interim financial statements and accounting simulations, verification of the application of correct accounting principles and compliance with civil law regulations.

√ Accounting Management
Recording and management of accounting documentation, support in the development of appropriate accounting and administrative procedures.

√ Business Restructuring
Analysis of the existing structure based on business type and corporate goals, development of the strategy to pursue with associated timelines, support in the phases of reorganization and adaptation of roles and functions.

√ Extraordinary Transactions
Planning and assistance in a variety of business extraordinary transactions as mergers, company demergers, transformations and liquidation operations, development of new entrepreneurial projects and start-ups, evaluation of Merger & Acquisition operations through research, contact, and evaluation of companies for purchase or sale in Italy or international markets.


√ Sustainability Strategies
Analysis of ESG drivers most suitable for the company’s business and market and stakeholder expectations, support for integrating sustainable issues and practices into the business, setting objectives, and developing strategies to achieve them.

√ Reporting
Definition of KPIs for monitoring and measuring sustainability actions, assistance in preparing periodic reports on the topic.

√ Engagement
Assistance in creating and fostering an internal sustainable corporate culture, support in building authentic storytelling for external stakeholders, establishing channels of dialogue with various stakeholders for the creation of shared value.

√ Benefit Corporations
Support in obtaining benefit corporation status, developing and amending statutory objectives, and preparing impact reports and sustainability reports.


√ Strategic Support
Assistance in defining communication strategies and identifying target audiences for communications directed at the financial market and trade audience, aligned with the company’s identity and objectives.

√ Financial Communication
Drafting and revising press releases for the financial market, enhancing the Equity Story and growth strategies, preparing presentations and documents for investors.

√ Commercial Communication
Drafting and revising commercial press releases, support in identifying relevant media outlets for distribution.


√ Personnel Recruitment
Analysis of the company’s resource needs, creation of a hiring plan, support in personnel search and selection.

√ Resource Development
Identification of the most suitable parameters for personnel evaluation, assistance in organizing periodic one-to-one meetings (internal interviews) for monitoring, planning actions for human resource development, and developing job rotation programs.

√ Compensation Policies
Support in defining compensation criteria and policies in line with the available budget, identification of numerical and qualitative objectives within a rewarding system, evaluation of advanced compensation mechanisms such as work for equity and production bonuses.


Monitoring Calls for Proposals and Reporting New Opportunities Based on Business Needs and Objectives.

Preliminary Assessment Activities to Determine Eligibility for Identified Opportunities.

√ Assistance in Preparing Technical and Administrative Documentation and Submitting Applications.

Ongoing Support for Intermediate and Final Reporting.


Management Organizational Model under Legislative Decree 231/2001 Assistance in adopting the model, mapping internal company processes, identifying potential risk areas and offenses, defining procedures, appropriate delegations, and corporate powers of attorney, preparing necessary documents, and establishing the Surveillance Body.

ISO Certifications Support for obtaining certifications and preparation for maintaining implemented management systems, in reference to the following standards:

UNI ISO 20121:2012 Sustainable Event Management System;

UNI ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System;

UNI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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